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Drainage Solutions

Generally, there are two types of drainage practices: Surface Water Drainage and Subsurface Drainage.


Surface drainage is the removal of water from the surface of the soil.


Subsurface drainage is the removal of water from underneath the surface of the soil.

Excessive water can cause damage to your property.  Depending on the amount of water it can quickly erode your landscaping, fencing, and the earth around your foundation. Improper drainage can also lead to erosion underneath your sidewalks, driveways, and garage floors.


If standing water frequently pools on your property this can also lead to major mosquito issues. There are multiple ways to control water issues in your yard. 


Many can simply be fixed with grading. When you are able to build your yard up with extra dirt, you can redirect problematic water away from your foundation and outdoor space.


Extending your downspouts away from your foundation can majorly help the path of drainage too. Sometimes a dry creek bed or French drain is necessary to control drainage issues.

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