Foundation Repair

Are you seeing possible warning signs of foundation repair? No need to worry! We can get you one of our experienced professionals to your home quickly! 

If your foundation has no issues, we're happy to let you know! However, if you do require repairs, we will provide a written estimate with no obligation!

At Olympic Foundation Repair, experience has taught us that the only way to get a job done right is by using proper materials, not cutting corners, and utilizing expert-level insight into providing foundation solutions that last a lifetime!

Foundation Repair

Keeping you secure!

Olympic Foundation Repair specializes in all your foundation repair needs. We bring a high level of service, quality, and customer satisfaction to Kansas City and the surrounding areas! Here at Olympic Foundation Repair, we never let pride stand in the way of excellence. All of our structural repairs come with a 25-year warranty.


Basement Waterproofing

Live worry-free every time it rains!

We offer complete waterproofing packages to keep your basement dry for more than 25 years! By combining several foundation repair techniques into one comprehensive service, we keep your home safe from unwanted water intrusion for good!


Wall Repair

Cracked/Pushed-In walls can be a major hazard and eye-sore!

Cracks on either the inside or outside of your foundation can lead to water leaks and other, larger foundation issues. By injecting these cracks with a special epoxy, we create an water-tight seal meant to last!


Egress Windows

Installed quickly and professionally!

There are many reasons to install an egress window: to get a basement room up to code, to allow natural light into your basement, to provide an emergency exit in case of emergency. We have multiple style options to match your desired aesthetic!


Foundation Piering

Fix settling fast!

To combat soil settling, we lift your home up onto steel piers to provide consistent and reliable results to keep your foundation secure. These piers rely on bedrock as opposed to soil; therefore, providing much more stable foundation support.


Sump Pump

Quality Guaranteed!

Sump Pumps are pumps that remove unwanted water underneath your foundation floor by filling and removing water from an underground basin. Whether you need a new pump installed from scratch or an old pump replaced with a new one, Olympic has you covered!


Want to learn more about our services?

Learn about what causes foundation damage, how we fix it, and how to prevent it in the future by visiting our FAQ page! Give us a call!